Are you ready for a life changing adventure

Making new friends, going on fun adventures and learning new ways of life is what scouting is all about. We are here to initiate the spark that was missing in your life through our scouting services. Our programs are professional and support the young generation to grow and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

    Win at life with our scouting programs

    Learning various things while once in a lifetime adventures is just a glimpse of what the scouting program will get you. We encourage team building exercises so the youngsters can learn how to work together and competitively to achieve something.

    From camping to snowboarding, we take you on all the high quality experiences through which you can learn and have fun; both at the same time. We focus on teaching you the skills that will be useful for the entire life and our international and national expeditions give you a great opportunity to learn more about diverse cultures and trends all across the globe.

    Our exercises build the spirit of independence, sharing and caring in the participants which helps a great deal in character building. The confidence and lifelong friendships you seek start here, with us. Fitness & Health as a basic aim in Scouting Why scouting puts a lot of emphasis on fitness training is because childhood obesity is a real thing and is incorporated in our cultures because of various reasons. Your scouting experience can turn out to be even better with the fitness courses and healthy habits that you need to take up on.

    All we do is train the participants to bring out their inner talents and put them to a use where others can benefit from them. Scouts are brave people, always ready for an activity, an adventure or to help someone in need.

    We have indoor and outdoor programs to keep the young ones occupied so they can get out of their comfort zone and participate in new and challenging activities.

    Special Thanks to our Supporters

    For years we have encouraged people to support us in various ways to incline more young people towards scouting as a hobby and profession. We would like to thank the New Wave Driving School for providing our young scouts with transportation for our camping trips.

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    Our programs are a great way to discover the hidden potential in you and put it to a use so you can make a career or a hobby out of it in the future. The entire experience revolves around what suits you the best and how can you be turned into a productive member of the society.