Teenage years can be pretty confusing for most of the growing up kids. You are still exploring religions, cultures, relationships etc. Some of the teenagers can get along with others pretty well but some tend to have difficulties in communicating with people around them. This could be due to many reasons, for instance, lack of confidence and past bad experiences etc. most of the teenagers these days feel isolated due to no healthy interaction with the people around them. The rate of teenagers going to adolescent counseling due to anxiety and depression has increased. This is merely because they want to fit in and interact with someone who understands them.

Being shunned by popular age fellows and friends

The major reason of not being able to make friends told by the teenagers during adolescent counseling or individual counseling was that the popular kids at school don’t treat them well or they hold an upper hand around the system. You should advice your teen to stay away from such people and tell them that popularity doesn’t always come with being a good person and it comes from fear as well. Look for friends who are less popular because they will be the ones you can trust.

Not being able to ask someone to be friends

Many households raise super shy teens. When you are shy you often tend to become an introvert. Shyness isn’t a great thing, you should enroll your teen to talk to a professional or take adolescent counseling sessions regularly to get rid of such a trait. Due to shyness, most of the teens are unable to start conversations with the people that they like. This reduces their chances to making friends. It can be frustrating for many teens; not being able to talk to someone they want.

Assuming that people dislike you instantly

This is another major reason why teens avoid talking to someone or approaching them. They instantly assume that the other person won’t or doesn’t like them. These are small self-esteem fears that we all have inside of us. This can later grow into something much worse. You should seek adolescent counseling in early stages of low self-esteem in your teen. Always advice your teen to approach people without fear and to be expressive in what theywant from the other person.