Scouting doesn’t have to stop due to seasons or school holidays. In fact, no weather is a bad weather for scouting except for the extreme rainfall or Mother Nature disasters. Summer can be actually a really efficient and fun scouting time. Here are a few tips and tricks for scouting in summer.

1Coordinate with communities and local groups

A great benefit of coordinating with communities and local groups is that you get to accompany many experienced volunteers and adults who can be of great help during your activities. You can always get introduced to new kinds of equipment and gear which can widen your experience and make the work and activities much easier. The idea of going places like farms and lakes can become a practice when you are in coordination with local communities.

2Get into affordable activities

Low cost activities don’t necessarily mean that there will be no fun. You can always think of ideas that are affordable and fun at the same time. You will assemble some building materials like cardboard boxes of sheets and indulge into building or camping activities that the younglings can enjoy doing. The great thing about young people is that they figure out a way to have fun with any given thing.

3Choose summer badges

Gaining a badge on summer based activities can be actually quite motivating for many youngsters. You can choose activities that can fulfil the purpose of learning, having fun and getting a badge as well. For instance, you can engage in water based activities in summer with ease.

4Select traditional scouting skills over modern ones

If you start off your activities during early in the day, you will have plenty of time to indulge in longer and exceptional activities eliminating the need for high tech gears. As long as there is day light you can function with traditional scouting routine which is much more efficient and character building than the modern scouting methods.

5Keep the weather conditions in mind

Do not rule out the idea of weather changing into something else once you set off for your activities. Always gear up to face any kind of weather when you are out scouting. Make sure you are properly dressed up and have an umbrella on you at all times. If you are indulged in indoor activities then there is nothing to worry about.