Scouting is all about helping people, making them happy and bringing a smile on their faces. While you are on scouting training, you are taught to do great helpful things to get people out of trouble. Sometimes tiny gestures of kindness can mean a lot to someone and make their day. This kindness doesn’t stop there; it is an entire chain that carries on and on. Here are a few ideas of bringing a smile on someone’s face.

1Take care of their small chores

Sometimes it can become a great deal to take care of outdoor chores when you are working fulltime. In such cases you can be of great help as a scout to the people living in your surrounding areas. You can always empty their trash bins and return them to their places and get rid of the wild weeds growing in the garden or driveway. These tiny gestures never go unnoticed and may leave people relieved and happy. Don’t forget to leave the note on behalf of the scouts association.

2Leave a sweet note somewhere

This is an activity that can make numerous people happy at different intervals of time depending upon the quantity of your notes. You can gather in a public place and write positive and encouraging notes to strangers and hide them in assessable places for different people to find. That way you are making people happy even without knowing.

3Tiny tokens of encouragement & love

You can arrange an activity where you can do kind things for general people and other scout groups as well. You can make tiny baskets of candy or fruits and leave it for another scout group. You can always leave a bunch of flowers with a post it notes in different places for people to find. You can be creative with the tokens of love, for instance, you can use rocks with encouraging and healing quotes on them etc.

4Visit an orphanage or elderly people

Here’s another activity that can make people happy collectively. You can visit old homes and orphanages and offer free lemonade with tiny post it notes. You can also arrange a petting event where you can take your pets and children can enjoy their company by feeding and petting them. These small gestures are what the world needs.